A) Remember guys, you have to make two apps: one  like the kitty (but make your own character: use the kitty as reference) and make the app with the guy who enjoys music a lot.

I have uploaded the r1.png dude so you can make him dance.

Remember you will have to deliver this app to me before next monday class: pepe_cg@hotmail.com. This is my temporal e-mail. Just name your app with your name and the kind of app you are delivering. Example:


  • If you need help, and if advice times does not fit your needs, I am available on saturdays as well. Get together and send me an email if you need help for that.
  • Send me an email if you don’t understand something about app inventor also.

B) Bring to your class a sketch of your digital love card: it is just a rough sketch and ideas of how it will be.  It is important that you bring this so I can help you with your project, which must be finished on the 27th of January.


Now, here it is the information about the museum. You can go to MUAC (in Ciudad Universitaria): Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Pseudomatismos

or Laboratorio Arte Alameda  (near Alameda central).

If you decide to go to both, then just deliver one work and you could have extra points.


Send me an email if you have questions (pepe_cg@hotmail.com) Or whatsapp (5526730495).



After having visited the assigned hall of the museum, choose the work of your preference -the one you consider the most appealing and interesting to you- and make 1.- an illustration of it (it can be in a digital or analogous format), 2.- a description text (it can be part of point 3) of the work (no more than 100 words, form and technological) and 3.- an explanation of the reason of your choice (in a 500-word analysis or essay format): Use the following points to give structure to your text:

  1. Principles of art
  2. Elements of design
  3. Message (what you think the author wanted to communicate and what you interpret from the work)
  4. The relationship between the machine (technology) and the audience (human)
  5. The circuits and technologies used in the work and the reason why the author chose them.
  6. The impact the work has (or doesn’t have) in society and/or science and/or politics or other aspects of life.

4.- an installation work. After having visited the museum, you have to develop an art installation project. It should make use of electric, electronic or technological devices, even home appliances (waste or not). You have to choose one topic you would like to express about (preferently a social issue). You can use videos, sounds, hardware, software, circuits, etc. Together with your installation, you must present an oral justification of your work. This work can be result of the workshop at the museum.


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