Gimp Class and Gimp Homework.





a) Download these two files into your computer.

b) Open Gimp and follow José’s Instructions.



a) Take a picture of your face:


b) Look up in the menu Colors to discover how to do the following effect:Menu.png


Which one might be…?

C) Now, look into the web for a picture of a wall. Then, put your face into that wall as if you were a graffiti:

white wall.jpg


Try to figure out how this was done! Use layers position to help you.

Technique 1: You can delete the white color of your face usingSeleccionDifusa.png

Technique 2: Use the opacity level of one of your layers.

Technique 3: Experimenta con los Modos, en la sección de Capas. Esta es la manera más rápida de lograr el inciso c).




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