First Gimp Class

For this class, download these images into your computer. You can use a picture of yourself or use the woman’s picture.

We are going to change your face into a graffiti or stencil-like image.

Please, open GIMP so we can start to work fast.

Follow José’s instruction along the class.





This is a very, VERY interesting tutorial about how to make yourself a ZOMBIE. Valentine’s day is coming so this tutorial is very nice.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Before you start to do your homework, SEE the tutorial first, so you understand what is it about and check how you should take your own picture.

2.  Take a picture of yourself: Frame your face and neck. I suggest you take this picture outside your house so you get daylight. Strike a pose if you want, but your eyes must be visible.

3. This picture must have a good resolution so when you zoom in you can se some details of your face. A low resolution picture will make this work difficult.

4. Save your file like this:




Bring your work yo the next class. Have at least your work finished so we can polish details!!!


Good luck!





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