Second Gimp Class

For this class we are going to learn how to use the HEAL (Herramienta de Saneado) and CLONE (Herramienta de Clonado) to make subtle modifications to a picture.

If you have finished the Zombie Homework you can start with this project.

  1. Follow José’s instruction at class.
  2. Download the following images:GirlWithMoles.jpgTattoGirl.jpg
  3. Put the two images into one gimp file. Every image should be in a different layer. It should look like this:

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-01 a las 6.49.47 p.m..png

4. Start first with the girl who has freckles and moles. Use the healing tool or the clone tool as you wish.

5. Then go for the girl with the tattoos. Use the heal or clone tools as you desire.


Heal and Clone are widely used for image modification. Sometimes is better to use one instead of other; its up to you to use the one that you like the most.


You can follow these tutorials that explain how to use this tools during class.



A) Deliver in one png file the image of the woman with freckles and the removal of the tattoo to my email:

You have to deliver this before Thursday 4th, 12:00 (medio día). Files delivered after this time will not be accepted.

Please, name your files with your complete name, like this:


B) Check the following tutorial:



If you have a pet, take a picture of it (a clear picture, big enough, above 1000 pixels). If you don’t have a pet, you cat take the picture of a friend, mother, father, etc.


Follow the tutorial so you can delete the background. Bring the file (png) to the next class because we will work with it.

Remember that .png have information about transparency, and .jpg are not transparent. JPG save the file with a white background if you have transparency.


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