Second Gimp Class

For this class we are going to learn how to use the HEAL (Herramienta de Saneado) and CLONE (Herramienta de Clonado) to make subtle modifications to a picture.

If you have finished the Zombie Homework you can start with this project.

  1. Follow José’s instruction at class.
  2. Download the following images:GirlWithMoles.jpgTattoGirl.jpg
  3. Put the two images into one gimp file. Every image should be in a different layer. It should look like this:

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-01 a las 6.49.47 p.m..png

4. Start first with the girl who has freckles and moles. Use the healing tool or the clone tool as you wish.

5. Then go for the girl with the tattoos. Use the heal or clone tools as you desire.


Heal and Clone are widely used for image modification. Sometimes is better to use one instead of other; its up to you to use the one that you like the most.


You can follow these tutorials that explain how to use this tools during class.



A) Deliver in one png file the image of the woman with freckles and the removal of the tattoo to my email:

You have to deliver this before Thursday 4th, 12:00 (medio día). Files delivered after this time will not be accepted.

Please, name your files with your complete name, like this:


B) Check the following tutorial:



If you have a pet, take a picture of it (a clear picture, big enough, above 1000 pixels). If you don’t have a pet, you cat take the picture of a friend, mother, father, etc.


Follow the tutorial so you can delete the background. Bring the file (png) to the next class because we will work with it.

Remember that .png have information about transparency, and .jpg are not transparent. JPG save the file with a white background if you have transparency.

First Gimp Class

For this class, download these images into your computer. You can use a picture of yourself or use the woman’s picture.

We are going to change your face into a graffiti or stencil-like image.

Please, open GIMP so we can start to work fast.

Follow José’s instruction along the class.





This is a very, VERY interesting tutorial about how to make yourself a ZOMBIE. Valentine’s day is coming so this tutorial is very nice.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Before you start to do your homework, SEE the tutorial first, so you understand what is it about and check how you should take your own picture.

2.  Take a picture of yourself: Frame your face and neck. I suggest you take this picture outside your house so you get daylight. Strike a pose if you want, but your eyes must be visible.

3. This picture must have a good resolution so when you zoom in you can se some details of your face. A low resolution picture will make this work difficult.

4. Save your file like this:




Bring your work yo the next class. Have at least your work finished so we can polish details!!!


Good luck!




Gimp Class and Gimp Homework.





a) Download these two files into your computer.

b) Open Gimp and follow José’s Instructions.



a) Take a picture of your face:


b) Look up in the menu Colors to discover how to do the following effect:Menu.png


Which one might be…?

C) Now, look into the web for a picture of a wall. Then, put your face into that wall as if you were a graffiti:

white wall.jpg


Try to figure out how this was done! Use layers position to help you.

Technique 1: You can delete the white color of your face usingSeleccionDifusa.png

Technique 2: Use the opacity level of one of your layers.

Technique 3: Experimenta con los Modos, en la sección de Capas. Esta es la manera más rápida de lograr el inciso c).



Homework 1

A) Check the following videos.

Answer the following questions.

How do you think the creators of these TV commercials used the 5 steps in Design thinking? How do you think they went from Empathize to Testing? Write each step and use your imagination and see how they were able to finalize the commercial.

Deliver this homework to before thursday 21 class.


B) Download GIMP, the software we will use for photo edition.

Download the software so you can use it in your laptop or at home.





Now, here it is the information about the museum. You can go to MUAC (in Ciudad Universitaria): Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Pseudomatismos

or Laboratorio Arte Alameda  (near Alameda central).

If you decide to go to both, then just deliver one work and you could have extra points.


Send me an email if you have questions ( Or whatsapp (5526730495).


After having visited the assigned hall of the museum, choose the work of your preference -the one you consider the most appealing and interesting to you- and make

1.- an illustration of it (it can be in a digital or analogous format),

2.- a description text (it can be part of point 3) of the work (no more than 100 words, form and technological) and

3.- an explanation of the reason of your choice (in a 500-word analysis or essay format): Use the following points to give structure to your text:

  1. Principles of art
  2. Elements of design
  3. Message (what you think the author wanted to communicate and what you interpret from the work)
  4. The relationship between the machine (technology) and the audience (human)
  5. The circuits and technologies used in the work and the reason why the author chose them.
  6. The impact the work has (or doesn’t have) in society and/or science and/or politics or other aspects of life.