Some animations, 2014. Property of BigPoint.

panda 2tovarna-na-jidelni-hulky-II



Proyecto Tema 2: Modelado en C4D. Personaje y calavera modelados en Maya.JoséCorrea_P2.jpg

Proyecto Tema 3: Sub poly Displacement (17 hrs render: horror)


Proyecto Tema 4: Cloner

a)Referencia de poster original y render en C4D y Photoshop (Distrito Federal). Cloner – Step.

Referencia Poster Alemania.pngDF.png

b) Cloner – Shader en C4D (7 hrs de render)

c) Referencia Original y dos copias, C4D y Photoshop. Atom array – Cloner / Object – Step



d) Cloner, Step. (Playlist preview. WIP)

Proyecto tema 5: Dynamics (50 hrs render: infierno)

Comic book 1. Cyclical comic “I love you”

Trying to play a little bit with the concept of narrative, I made this fast comic in such a way that you can read it in any direction. There is no beginning or end. I really should have work more with this…

Also, you can read the man’s arguments first or the woman’s argument in every block.

Thou it makes no sense, it makes sense.

A conversation between two persons who are already taken by memory problems.comic1.png