All is chronology.


December 2007. Finishing my studies at ITESM with a B.A. in Marketing. August 2008 – July 2009. Working at Boss and coworkers become friends.Avizpate September 2009 – January 2010. Starting to study a B.A. in Art and Animation at ITESM (again!). Best grades I have ever had. Doing a little bit of programming on Python, won a drawing contest, had a scholarship. Had to quit, unfortunately, because the school was too expensive. April 2010. Silly test on whiteboard.

October 2010 – December 2010. Tribuganga™ papercut videos.
October 2010 – June 2011. Working at Having Swedish lessons. Ultimate rough work experience but learned a lot. Tribuganga SCOTLAND

November 2011. First Maya animation “Lüscher Test”. Abstract. Test is made to analyze personality. A total trip.

December 2011 – January 2012. “La Dulce Muerte” animatic. I wrote the script of this video. See Vimeo link for credits.
February 2012. “Mr. Lens and Ms. Eye”. My first rigged characters. Reminds me mother and father.
March 2012. “Toon Man” Second rigged character. Elvis Presley wake-you-up-in-good-mood song.
May 2012. “Perseverance” is my favorite video.  There is a lot of psychology here. Logic Pro loops used to create the music, as well as to compose. Reminds me my sister.
June – August 2012. “Lucía y los Alebrijes”. Working with Tania Fuentes, this animation was very challenging. I created four characters, I rigged the biped characters and I animated them all. nCloth and Hair was used for the main character.
—–Glasgow School of Art Masters course finished. Dissertation review and corrections. November 2012. “Demo Reel, November 2012” SCOTLAND, GERMANY, MEXICO December 2012, April 2013. “Tal Vez”. On July of 2006 I meet someone who told me that his mother passed away. I had this video on my mind and after seven years I wanted to start work on it. I decided to stop working on this. Maya Vector was used and blended with Maya Software and Mental Ray. Basic Particle system was used.
BELGIUM April 2013. “Cube Man” A silly animation I made on my four-night stay on Belgium, a lovely country.
Mexico, Belgium, Germany April 2013. “DemoReel April 2013”
SCOTLAND May 2013 – June 2013. Tiger drawings, and many others (see the drawing categories on this blog)


June 2013 – August 2013. “Squire”.  Finished and animated the Squire and Knightmare.  Joints&hair system used.


September 2013. October 2013 Fox ElementSumon Elements November 2013 A company asked for a prop for a video game and so I did. Normal-Diffuse-Specular-AO maps included and looking good. Prop

January 2014 Same company asks for a more complex prop. C’est fini. Prometheus chair

Dad was diagnosed with AHD…

February 2014

3D Mexican Turkey

Captura de pantalla 2014-02-14 a la(s) 20.26.49


March, April, May, 2014

Worked at CGbot. “Unposteable” work – copyrighted. 3Ds Max, Cry Engine, zBrush used: not mastered, but widely used. Its hard to believe how some dreams crash with reality. I don’t really feel like working for video game companies anymore (I find modeling weapons and such too trivial and I think that there is more on life than that). Maybe it was a thing from the company; could try it elsewhere much better.

panda 2.giftovarna-na-jidelni-hulky-II.gif

Property of BigPoint.

June 2014



July, 2014



August, 2014

Very disappointed from my last job in Monterrey, I decided to start the Camino de Santiago, in Spain. 800 km walked. If you think this is a summer trip then you are wrong. This is a journey in which the mind and the spirit works out more than usual; an experience that is not taught at University or Work…



December, 2014



February, 2015

Start drawing classes at CEMUART, Tlalnepantla.

May, 2015

Worked as Cambridge Exam Supervisor at International House.

July, 2015

Became a Spanish Teacher. ¡Hola!

August, 2015

Worked at Siemens as a Language Coordinator. Worked with a tecno-jungle, concrete-heart collaborator. Very bad experience from which I learned a lot.

January, 2016

Became a professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Esmeralda. I have the best job in life here.


September, 2016

A note from the clinic gave strange, hard to understand news. I can’t explain this and never saw this coming, but life is weird and strange at the moment.

May, 2017


July, 2017

Starting to run a language company from scratch.

August, 2017

“viral reservoir”



November, 2017

Starting a Postgraduate in Motion graphics at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, on line.

January, 2018

Life is time, therefore:


February, 2018

Ride it


March, 2018

Enjoy it







Subpoly displacement and 5(10) hours render.


“Its one of those days”




Freelancing (cow is not mine)


Final Project for UPC Barcelona!

August 2018

Working as an animation teacher at University.

September 2018

Lyric video for the 🎸 band Los Trovancólicos